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You hurt me

I got rid of everything you ever gave me
I deleted every photograph I that had of of you
Yet still I remember you, I can never forget you
No matter how hard I try
I will always remember you, I will never forget you
No matter how hard I try

I stay away from places that remind me of you
I avoid the places we spent time together
Yet still I remember you, I can never forget you
No matter how hard I try
I will always remember you, I will never forget you
No matter how hard I try

I keep my head up for someone to help forget you
I keep my heart open for someone to fill the empty
Yet still I remember you, I can never forget you
No matter how hard I try
I will always remember you, I will never forget you
No matter how hard I try

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How Much More

Babies crying
Mothers dying
How much more
People saying
Never praying
How much more
Brothers shot
No tax on top
How much more
All consumers
How is nature
How much more
How much smog
How much dirt
How much wars
How much poor
How much pain
What about us

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I hold the book
In trembling hands
I hope to find there
The words to soothe
My trembling mind
My longing for some peace

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"No Love" by Eminem. Very worthy lyrics. Incredible. Just listen.

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The Struggle


You cut, you cry.
‘I ate!’ you lie.
You binge, then purge.
You fight each urge.

A river of blood, it stains your sheet.
You’re running so fast, it hurts your feet.

A glass if ice.
A sprinkle of spice.
You sip diet coke.
Then light up a smoke.

‘You’re hurting us!’ they scream & yell.
But half the story, you’ll never tell.

Each day you fight
Lose track of the light.
There is no hope
You cannot cope.

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No One

No one was there
I needed some help and
No one was there

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The People

I am the people—the mob—the crowd—the mass.
Do you know that all the great work of the world was done through me?
I am the workingman, the inventor, the maker of the world’s food and clothes.
I am the audience that creates history.
The Napoleons come from me and the Lincolns. They die.
And then I send forth more Napoleons and Lincolns.

I am the seed ground. I am a prairie that will stand for much plowing.
Terrible storms pass over me yet I always survive.
I do not forget. The best of me is sucked out and wasted.
I do not forget. Everything but Death comes to me and
makes me work and give up what I have. And I do not forget.

Sometimes I growl, shake myself and spatter red
drops for history to remember. But I will never forget.
When I, the People, remember, when I, the People,
use the lessons of yesterday and no longer forget who
who robbed me last year, who played me for a fool,
then there will be new speaker in all the world
saying the name: “The People,” and with a fleck of a
sneer in his voice and a far-off smile of derision
will the robber barons respond.

The mob—the crowd—the mass—will arrise then.

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Pretty Little Blue Pills

I’m fed up entirely
I’m not what I was supposed to be
I can’t keep the assholes at bay
It’s just time for me to go away
The pills that I’ve swallowed
Won’t make me see tomorrow

I thought I could work it out
But I just can’t take another bout
It’s time to go away
I won’t see another day
You’ll say I just can’t cope
But you see there’s no more hope

It’s just time to go away
I’ll see you another day
The pills are taken effect
I think I’ll just fade…

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The Bagel

with cream cheese

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Although the book is made of words on paper,
Dark symbols on dull grey,
While I read my mind is filled with vast images
Of great colour, form and motion.
I see, hear, feel, touch and smell these words.
I’m there with the performers on the stage.
I want to see as they see, smell what they smell,
Feel what they feel.

That is why I read,
Why I continue searching book after book,
Author after author,
To bring me thought and experience.

Not only have they brought me to the moon,
But sat me down upon it
And hurled me in orbit round it.
I’ve not only travelled on ocean voyages,
But got sick and cut fish,
And hoisted and rowed and had hooks
Stuck up under my skin.

Been in the deepest darkest Africa
Where I’ve slept balanced ‘tween tree limbs,
Eaten grubs found under rotting logs,
And lay in fear with grumbling forms beneath.

Been in deserts where the evil yellow sun
Bakes me and laughs down upon me.
I’ve felt the unrelenting thirst and the scorching hot sand.
And I’ve seen a subtle and delicate beauty
In the plants and animals found there.

I’ve been on horseback, riding off to war,
With leather and smoke and metal in my senses,
And my loved ones words and lips in my thoughts.

These experiences,
Told so that they are held vividly in my thoughts
Are just some of the many that I now have
As my own memories.

Because of these great books
And their great authors,
As I sit confined in front of the world
Through panes of glass,
I can think of my own places to go and to explore,
My own friends to meet; and enemies.
My own stories to write, that someday
Maybe someone else might enjoy.

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Are you sleeping
Listen to me while you are sleeping
It is the only time
I can find the words
While you are sleeping

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Nothing Spared

To amateurs my writing will be compared,
I write what I must write, nothing spared.

Words of darkness in my head come and go,
Directed by all writers read, high and low.

Seeking solace to cleanse my mind of dread,
So far all that helps comes from writers dead.

Sought I others to which my thoughts be bared,
I write what I must write, nothing will be spared.

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Where From The Rains Come

where from the rains come
does it rain for thee
when the rains come
what thirst does it come to be

what causes the sun set
does it set for us
when the sun sets
will it rise again

where from the rains fall
for whom does the rain come
when the rain falls
for whose thirst does it come

what causes the sun set and rise
does the sun set for us
the vastness of stars
that great array

does it hide the heavens
or does it simply awe

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Can You Not See?

Like footsteps my heart beats in the night
Climbing footsteps, echos in the halls
Comes again the pounding in my ears
Can you not hear?

Like shadows the movement in the night
Creeping shadows, slinking on the walls
Up comes the swelling torrent of tears
Can you not see?

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